When web designers advertise “optimization” what are they offering?

Question by Donna C: When web designers advertise “optimization” what are they offering?
What exactly is it that they’re offering in addition to a web site? Does their “optimization” put you at the top of search engine rankings? Or does it simply mean that they are including the necessary elements within their coding to give the site the potential to climb the rankings?

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Answer by Ike
The latter. SEO campaigns take a lot more than a web designer can offer. They just want to make your site spider freindly by not doing stuff that turns off the search engine spiders and makes them not give you a good score.

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  1. just "JR"

    They offer “nothing” but dreams.
    Doing a very good “search Engine Optimisation” MAY put you in the first few lines of entries in search engines, but that is ONLY for the right keywords and contents.
    Think of it: when you google something, you usually have millions of entries from their databases.
    You only look at the first few pages (if ever…)
    “Your” entry is like an entry line in a phone book that, not only covers your area, but the Whole World!
    If you look for “plumbers”, how many entries IN THE WORLD do you think there are?

    Good SEO MAY bring you a bit further up in the search lists, but it does not guarantee any business.
    You will pay for SEO… and get little result.
    Use your money to advertise your site locally first, country next, world after if you want to.
    Spend your money in advertising, NOT on SEO.
    (You can do it yourself: many sites will help you to do so, and it is free. Try “submitexpress.com” and test your site for meta tags…)


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