25 thoughts on “SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  1. Unique SEO Tips

    More people are now using SEO for their business. It helps them get an edge
    for their business. They get more leads easily.

  2. Pete Emmert

    Hello Eli. I notice you are not scanning you questions. I hope you find
    this one. I am having trouble with my site’s blocking urls from google
    (User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    Disallow: /wp-includes/) how do I permanently reverse this?

  3. xondragalvez

    I think this was a very good introduction and pretty easy to understand.
    I’m a Modern Languages graduate from Venezuela, and my first language is
    not English, so I think that speaks volumes on the quality of this
    tutorial. Cheers!

  4. guillaume Prat

    What is the difference between Rich Snippet and Meta Description? I thought
    Meta Description was the information shown on google??? I am confused.

  5. Global Onyx Vortex

    Thank you Eli, your video is very informative. You appear to be a great
    teacher in internet marketing and seo analysis. I’m impressed and your
    body of work on Youtube is a great seo resource for professionals. Visit
    my website @ http://www.globalonyxvortex.com and let me know what you think.

  6. Niranjan Reddy Rommala

    this niranjan.

    I need help red. how to upgrade adsense hosted account to normal account
    quickly, please help me

  7. adrian jimenez

    with millions and millions of people using SEO how do you recieve all
    benefits? No way you will always be in the top

  8. SEO Master

    this is good tutorila for SEO…

    find real competitor on google with this : Master SEO Tutorial-How to Find
    Real Keyword Competitor on Google

  9. David Simon

    did you go out of business because you spent too much on advertising? Im
    not kidding. Curious. Thanks

  10. Chris Kriel

    Eli, I figure this post seriously needs to be reviewed in the light of all
    the Google ninja animals since you did this. I watch quite a bit of your
    stuff. It would be nice to get a no nonsense update on the best SEO
    practices under the new Google monster Zoo. Figure in a way Google has
    cooked its goose. Notice a lot of SEO gurus are looking at ways to do
    promotion which does not include Google. Unfortunately we are stuck with
    this monster. I notice that I am starting to use other search engines as
    they are giving better search results. Google now only promotes the Big
    companies and the little guys and Cottage industry have to buy adds to rank
    mostly. I have very little faith in SEO currently. Figure it is pretty
    unstable (as far as SEO goes, no clear policy – just dictatorship) and a
    waste of time. Social media campaigns are more stable and possibly more
    rewarding. It would be interesting to hear your valued take on all this.

  11. Marcos H

    Hello Eli, does it makes a difference if I use HTML5 site made from Wix.com
    Vs. WordPress? I have a site made from Wix.com with a domain I bought from
    GoDaddy.com. Thanks!

  12. Pete Emmert

    Hell Eli, your my new best friend. I am trying to get an affiliate sales
    website off the ground, I feel I am close. I wonder if I ca get you to
    clarify for me, the defference between a “follow” link versus a “no follow”
    link… how do I tell one from another? I suspect that the “sharing URL”
    listed in “edit” (WP) page side is the one I use? Thank you so much for
    sharing your knowledge!

  13. Jake Pranger

    great video! I’m learning about this stuff now, obviously there are new
    rules. is the hummingbird update been hard for you?


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