24 thoughts on “SEO in 2013 – What to Do (and AVOID like the plague!)

  1. meher afjan

    Nice video, gutted I can’t hear the audio properly! My brother has been earning money online with Online Gold Dynamo (search for it on Google). I earnt $765 today lol.

  2. Serge Marchuk

    YES. Why not shared hosting? Places like FatCow charge $3 per month. Sure, it’s not the best hosting, but you can get a few accounts (spread across several IPs) if you’re wanting to go in this direction. You’re probably better off writing articles for high quality web2.0 properties like Squidoo, Tumblr, WP Blogs, etc. Just saying.

    Also, Alex Becker’s SourceWave website has some good info, but his services & courses are scams.
    Just Google “Source-Wave/Alex Becker site:blackhatworld(.)com”


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