Improving your SEO writing

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All types of writing takes constant practice. SEO writing is no exception. If you are an aspiring SEO writer or just someone looking to get in more practice, try a few different exercises each week. If possible, do some writing exercises every night.

Try to write 500 words every single night. They say that it takes 30 days to form a habit, so try to keep it up for at least that long. After 500 words becomes easy, upgrade to 750 a night, then 1,000.

For your first exercise, put a punch of random words and topics into a hat. Pull one out randomly. Write about it the way you would an SEO assignment: professionally, positively, and instructive. Make sure you use the phrase you randomly chose once or twice in your article. Because you are just practicing, don’t stress out the title of your article, but do put some thought into it. Use your phrase in the title of the article.

Do not use the phrase more than 3 times, including the title. Overkill will make it obvious that you are just writing to put your SEO words in there. Google does not look upon that favorably.

Limit yourself to 500 words. It might be difficult to hit your goal at first, but it will get easier with time. This word constraint will surprise you – you might find that you have more to say after pushing yourself a little than you originally thought.

All in all, don’t stress it. Though you do want to practice the professionalism you’ll need if this was real, you can also be a little creative. Have some fun with it. And if it turns out awful, that’s okay – you’re just getting your awful writing out of the way so you can begin to create products you’ll be happy with.

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