Hello Counselor – Hello Counselor | 안녕하세요 – Seo Inyoung, Joo Younghoon, Fujii Mina, Lee Kichan (2013.07.15)

On this week’s show, we have : A husband that’s obsessed with switching cars / A grandfather that’s obsessed with work / A boyfriend that’s obsessed with his…
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24 thoughts on “Hello Counselor – Hello Counselor | 안녕하세요 – Seo Inyoung, Joo Younghoon, Fujii Mina, Lee Kichan (2013.07.15)

  1. Sophie Okazaki

    Actually this was his 4th win 🙂 So I think the EXO/SJ ep will be the next one and uploaded next week. (since this one was uploaded July 15, then maybe July 21?) I heard it already aired in Korea on the 8th, but it usually takes about 2 weeks for kbsworld to upload it with subs.

  2. hottyJunsu

    How is the naming guy still up there??? I thought his problem was a concern, but there are a whole lot of people with way worst problems and they keep getting eliminated

  3. shin minrin

    Seo in young unni is so~ beautiful inside and outside i will always LOVE and SUPPORT her..fighting unni mwaaaah.. ^^

  4. Bubble S Girl

    I’m glad Hello Counselor is updating their intro now, instead of playing the same intro for the whole season.

  5. MajjicxCupcakii

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing in the background at 15:11 I can’t seem to remember the name

  6. Ken Cruz

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  7. lovebabeslol

    so glad that fujii mina decided to expand to korea, if she stays in japan, no guarantee she won’t be the next target of being made to JAV idol like the other young girls that being exploit to sex slavery at such young age just for money, hope the other japanese girl idols will come to korea to start their future and for their safety instead of staying in japan and waited to be made into sex slave.

  8. Siti Zakeah

    for those asking about the EXO/SJ episode, the episode will probably air in 2 weeks time..coz in the raw version with EXOSJ, the “Whats your name” guy was at his 5th week’s win…This episode is his 3rd week win…but it okay to keep a lookout thou :)

  9. rosellemallari

    Why can’t Skinny Boyfriend just excercise and eat a whole bunch of protein? That way he can look good and add some fat (x He’s handsome though (:

  10. ubergamer2010

    Skinny boyfriend is good looking. Honestly he may not weigh that much but his proportions are fine and there’s nothing wrong with that unless he has any health concerns.

  11. panduhbitch

    please please please please please sub and upload the one where exo and suju come out, im on my knees begging please please please please please prettyyyyy please <3 ^^

  12. dam youngji

    The concerns for this week was rather weak and none of them really came to a conclusion. I hope the husband who keeps on changing cars will stop and realize that he is taking his salary and family for granted. As for the boyfriend, he is better off than other men out there. I don’t live in Asia and I have a coworker who is taller, but possibly skinnier. However, people do not see him as weak. He is a porter for patients in beds. It all comes down to how you present yourself in front of others.

  13. hellondoth

    the skinny boyfriend does look attractive. but i kinda pissed with the way the MCs treated him. like, being skinny is his complex. and it is like they make fun of it. it can be that the guy himself doesn’t find him attractive, eventho he is. but come on. they can say that he should be proud of his good looking face or smthng like that.


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