Basics to Posting on WordPress

To all those beginners out there, overwhelmed and confused about making your first post on WordPress, I’m here to give the basics.  But first off, congratulations for getting to this point! Whether you’ve started a blog, want to promote your new company, or a million other things, WordPress does not want you to fail.  Let’s give you a running start:

  1. Give your post a Title.  Make it catchy, but extremely informative.  This might be a silly reminder, but an important one not to miss out on.  Google ranks searches they think are most relevant to the user by key words in titles and content. The best thing that you can do for your post is to make the title direct.  Don’t beat around the bush with a riddle for a title.
  2. Write your post.
  3. Use plugins. On the left hand side there’s a “Plugins” button.  WordPress gives you the basics to build; you want the cream of the crop to display. Plugins give you more options to write in more interesting and unique ways.  They will definitely enhance your post.  Look through the plugins, and pick one that allows you to control exactly what you want on your post.
  4. Tags.  Tag Basics to Posting on WordPresskeywords here.  No need for hashtags, this isn’t Instagram, but same basic principle.
  5. Set featured image. Pick an image that represents your post and display as the featured image.  Here you can make it out of the box and unique. Just name your random image with direct keywords, and Google will recognize your image for what you named it.

There are the basics to creating your post on WordPress!  You can always get fancy and add a photo, meme, music, etc. from the “Add Media” button at the top.  But now you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating WordPress posting!

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