An 8-step Blueprint from That Really Works on How to Make Any Amount of Passive Income on the Internet

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2013 teaches a true set-it-and-forget-it system about how to work smarter not harder to entrepreneurs, college students, new parents, retirees, stay at home moms and others ages 18-80 even if they have no computer experience by setting up quick, simple, easy automated websites in niches that they like and interest them that are set up one time and continue to make money for them over and over.

This blueprint teaches people how to choose money making opportunities online that they are interested in and passionate about, learn how to create websites in 10 minutes using automated tools, how to get visitors to their site who want to buy, and how to make sales from those visitors.

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1) Choose something that interests you and that you are passionate about. This will be your market and will also make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

2) Do whats called Keyword Research. Keyword research means finding the amount of people typing in specific phrases or words every month into major search engines like Google. offers a tool that automatically does steps 3-4 below for you but if you are not a member you could always use a tool like the Google keyword research tool available to everyone at:

If using the Google keyword research tool, select the Phrase match type option for your keywords.

3) You want to look for keywords that have at least 1,000 searches per month. You also need to make sure those keywords have whats called buying intent. For example a keyword like buy iPhone means that they person who typed it into the search engine is looking to buy an iPhone.

This means they are not searching for information and they are ready to buy. Keywords that also denote a problem are great because the searcher is looking for a solution. An example could be How To Train My Dog. Try to get as many keywords like this as you can, if you can start with 100 or so that would be a great start. Store the keywords into an excel file or something similar.

4) With those keywords you just found that fit the criteria above, you now need to see if there is any competition for those keywords- and if there is you need to see how tough the competition is. You do this by typing your keyword within quotation marks into a search engine like Google. So if your keyword was buy iphone you would type it just like that into Google. Once you do that, you will get Googles results and ranking of results.

What you are really looking for is two things:

a) The amount of results returned by Google. You can see the amount of results right underneath where you just typed it in. You are looking for keywords that return less than 10,000 results. If you do, that means you have a super niche and it will most likely be very easy to dominate the search engines for this keyword.

b) The Page Rank of the pages returned by Google. This means how important Google views the results and is usually determined by how many sites link to that specific page. You can use a tool like: and you can copy and paste the urls (addresses of websites) there to see what their page rank is.

If you have lots of sites on the first page of Google with page rank N/A, 0, 1, this is fantastic news that you can most likely easily dominate those results. If the page ranks are higher like 2,3,4,5,6 or higher you may have a hard time competing and may want to look for another keyword.

If you have keywords that fit criteria A and B, you have a solid winner that will make money for you.

5) Once youve found winning keywords its time to create a simple website to market a product around a specific keyword. offers website creation tools that can automatically host and create a site in 10 minutes for you, but if you arent a member you could always create a quick wordpress blog at

6) Find or create a product to sell. recommends that if you are brand new that you start by selling other peoples products. This is called affiliate marketing. They take care of the payment processing, order fulfillment, customer service and everything else. You just send them buyers and you get a percentage commission of the sale for doing so. You can find tens of thousands of products to sell at

7) Sign up for an email autoresponder; like one at or whichever other ones you may like. An email autoresponder will become your greatest friend and this is where the marketing magic happens and how you make money when you sleep.

Your websites purpose will be to entice visitors to get on whats called an email list which means that those visitors have given you their permission to send emails to them about anything. You then create a series of marketing emails that will automatically be sent to a visitors email box that gives away tips, freebies, good information and also your sales message to get them to buy.

8) Do things to increase targeted visitors to your website. There are literally hundreds of ways to do this and all are covered in, however it is highly recommended you write great articles about your niche and do whats called article marketing. This means your articles will be found all over the internet and draw traffic back to your page.

You can also comment on other peoples blogs and forums that are related to your product. You dont want to spam however, you always want to offer valuable input that is helpful. Your only goal is to get into the top 3 spots into Google, as these 3 spots account for 90% of the traffic for a given keyword. The number 1 spot is around 60%, number 2 spot about 20% and number 3 spot about 10%. If you dont rank in the top 3 you wont make money plain and simple.

9) When the traffic comes and people get on your email list with the series of emails you created, you start making money when someone buys a product. It is important to know what to expect so you know that everything is working as it should. For every 100 visitors to your site a realistic expectation is that 10 people will want to get on your email list. For every 10 people on your email list, maybe 1 or 2 will buy something at some point. These are averages.

Depending on the keyword youve chosen it may take weeks for this funnel to build up. Do not give up hope. Just wait, be patient, and keep marketing and getting traffic to your site. Results will come. In it is talked about how to draw more traffic, and then once that traffic is there how to get 20% or more instead of 10% of people to get on your email list and then how to influence a much higher percentage of people to buy. has also made a toll-free number (866) 669-0441 available for anyone that has questions.

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